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power of meditation 2022

The Joy Map Integration of Dharma Teachings and Practice

The Power of Meditation is a free, online event that brings together a myriad of lineages in a multi-disciplinary celebration of meditation and the dharma. With Host Kelly Blaser, LMFT & Dharma Teacher.

power of meditation 2021

When you awaken to essence nature, the way-seeing mind, and a sense of spaciousness, freedom seeps into your perception of everything, and nothing in life will ever be the same.

Friend of Breathe Together Yoga, and dharma teacher Kelly Blaser has created a global interview series about awakening and the dharma teachings that carry us closer to the truth. She has brought together a brilliant and insightful group of teachers.

the art of finding your center

Jennifer Prugh is the latest guest of a fantastic podcast, MIND GAMES, hosted by Hailey and Ronnie Lott, which has featured Steve Young and Jerry Rice. Listen to learn more about Jennifer’s history and insight into the mind, mindfulness, mental health, and how yoga fits.


Jennifer’s Mandala Yoga progressively guides us through a series of adventurous and engaging practices that support strength in your body, and a clear, calm mind. Begin practicing today at Yoga Anytime.


Practice with Jennifer on-demand.