tibetan girl

Tibetan Children’s Education

Everyone has a roll to play in contributing the kind of world we want to live in.  We each have a unique contribution to make. If each one of us pours our efforts and attention into one or two causes we are passionate about, the world changes.

Since 2009, Jennifer has been passionate about raising money to support exiled Tibetan refugees and the education of their children through the Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation. Through gracious support by the people in the Bay Area, we have raised funds for a computer lab in Sikhm in northeastern India, a kitchen at a school in Clement Town, India, and sponsored the education of dozens of children, as well as provided medical support to Tibetan elders who came over the Himalayas with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Sponsoring children’s education and the medical care of Tibetan elders is so personally rewarding! If you feel compelled to sponsor a child or make a contribution, go to TibetChild.org.

lama ngawang sand mandala

“In 2010 I hosted two Tibetan monks at the San Jose Museum of Art to make a Tibetan sand mandala on behalf of the Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation. I had never raised money for a non-profit cause. The experience being with those gentlemen changed my life. Made from colored pigments originally from the mountains of Tibet, the mandala is said to represent the enlightened mind. At sixteen, my Episcopal minister gave me a copy of “Man and His Symbols” by Carl Jung, on the cover of that book, a mandala. I was fascinated. The Tibetan mandala has informed much of my practice and teaching.

One of the remarkable qualities of the sand mandala is after days of creation, it is destroyed and the sand is placed in a river, representing that all things are impermanent and return to the source. We are here to offer our gifts and talents to life. But only temporarily. This knowledge is power. Remembering our short and precious life becomes a means of making good use of our time.”