Class Schedule


Saturday:  9am – 10:30am   JOY of Vinyasa

Saturday:  10:45am – 12pm   JOY of Flow


Like origami, or the Japanese art of folding, the body moves progressively, breath by breath, towards one or more apex postures, much like a conscious walk up an unexplored mountain path. A moving meditation (vinyasa means “to place in a special way”) utilizing historically early yoga-asana, innovative 19th century Krishnamacharya based yoga-asana, and contemporary expressions, we explore the use of intelligent movement, vital energy, the notion of “one’s edge,” seasonal wisdom, the art and science of joy, and how the practice itself is a moving metaphor for how we live our lives. Counter postures unfold the body for seated meditation. This class is for those with a pre-existing understanding of internal alignment and a love for yogic adventure.


Move and be moved! This progressive breath-based moving meditation explores the use of vital energy, experiments in balance, intelligent movement, including moving with the seasons, and being present. JOY of Flow is an embodied inquiry into stability within fluidity, because life is inherently in motion. Benefits of sustained practice include strength, balance, and flexibility, but most essentially, a greater capacity to meet each moment with grace, intelligence, and joy.

Jennifer is the co-founder and owner of Breathe Together Yoga, a sanctuary within the heart of Silicon Valley that provides yoga and mind/body wellness for everyone by offering nearly 100 classes a week. The home of Jennifer’s Joy of Yoga Teacher Trainings, the Mandala Tea House within BTY produces fresh smoothies, espresso drinks, and teas, while BTY’s wellness services offer Acupuncture, Ayurveda and bodywork.Voted Best Yoga Studio in the last two years, visit

Words To Live By

Right Thought

May we be steady, present and joyful.

Right Speech

May our words improve upon the silence.

Right Action

May we be the change we wish to see.

If we meet this world unprotected, our heart gets broken over and over and over.
This is actually a gift.
You let the world touch you, it shatters you open, and it shatters you open, and it shatters you open.
And here you are, shining.
After our heart is broken open a thousand times and all of the contents emptied out,
there’s just this shining left.

~Jeannie Debra Nickels-Zandi