There is a large element of chance in creativity, but it is most likely to occur if the mind is prepared for it. These suggestions help prime the mind for creative output:

Document your ideas. Ideas are thoughts and thoughts are fleeting. You can’t begin to imagine how many good ideas you have until you document them.

Carve out a creative space. Set up an environment that invites creativity. Look for objects and images that inspire you.

Participate in physical activity to give the mind a rest and time for the subconscious to digest information.

Develop a variety of different interests away from your normal sphere of activity. It is a common trait of creative people that they are interested in a wide variety of subjects.

Don’t be afraid of failing with any given avenue of exploration. Every thought or attempt can lead to a new idea or new possibility.

Brainstorm ideas. Be open to many avenues of solution. Exhaust all possibilities by coming up with many ways of solving a problem. Then choose the best one.

Flood yourself with information in your chosen area of creativity. Deliberately expose yourself to information outside your area.

Play. Researchers have found that children who are good at using their imagination during creative play were better able to cope with stress later in life. The processes “that occur in pretend play are important processes because they relate to adaptive functioning in children. Spend time with children.

Travel. One key to creative living is to view life from a new perspective. Every culture provides a unique way of looking at common situations and solving common problems. Take photographs, keep a diary as you travel.

Practice independent thinking. The more you depend on your own ability to think, the more proficient you will become at thinking of new ideas.

Look for people who are fun to talk and are interested in life.

Listen to music. An audio environment can be conducive to new ideas. Experiment with different musical styles to see what works best.

Respect and care for your creativity as you would a child. Attend to your needs, listen to your creative inner voice, spend time with yourself.