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I created the JOY of Yoga School of Integrative Learning to offer a deeper understanding of traditional Hatha Yoga practices and energetic arts from Tibet and Asia, with peer reviewed scientific approaches to health and well being.

Since the creation of the JOY of Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2006, and the JOY of Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training in 2011, this program has been offered locally, nationally, and internationally. JOY offers yoga for varying physical ability (yoga is for everyone!), and supports the understanding of yoga as a physical, energetic, and philosophical inquiry.

Whether you are looking to embark upon teaching yoga in your career, as service, or to family and friends, you will walk away confident you have the tools and continued support to succeed. The JOY programs are for everyone, and we invite you to join us. Perhaps you want to deepen your understanding of your practice; perhaps you want to learn how to apply the vast benefits of the practice to your life; perhaps you are going through a life transition; perhaps you want to teach; or you want to offer back what yoga has offered you. You are not just attending a training, you are joining a community of intelligent, dedicated practitioners and faculty whom you can be potentially connected with throughout your life.

These programs provide essential knowledge and insight into the anatomical structures and biomechanical functions of the human body, as well as the science of mind. The programs balance an understanding of the roots of yoga (which are vast), with innovative applications of yoga, self-care, meditation, and mindfulness that is relevant and supportive to everyone who has the unique opportunities and challenges of living in western culture, and in particular, our extremely dynamic, innovative, and potentially stressful area of the world.

Once you have read the information about our programs, please feel free to contact me with questions. We offer scholarships to the under-served, as well as payment plans.

  • “This program greatly benefits those who are curious and always hungry to learn and grow. From a pragmatic standpoint, it’s given me an incredible foundation that’s made every training I’ve taken thereafter something I’ve felt fully prepared for.”

  • “Jennifer and Noell are thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and generous in their teachings.”

  • “The weekly study groups were very helpful in being part of a community throughout the process as I learned from other students. It was a wonderful bonding experience with my peers. Jennifer Prugh and Noell Clark care deeply about the success and improvement of their students.”

  • “Attending this teacher training changed my life and my life’s course.”

  • “Jennifer and Noell truly embrace the spirit of yoga and are great role models. I felt that the training has not only prepared me to be an effective yoga teacher, but it has also strengthened my own yoga practice and my commitment on the yoga path.”

  • “The 200 Hour teacher training at Breathe Together was truly an extraordinary experience. It is the perfect first teacher training for all types of yogis. In fact, it was reiterated throughout the training that we develop our own path and voice as a teacher. We were exposed to the history of yogic traditions and a variety of amazing classes and instructors and pushed to deepen our own practice each day. Jenn created a safe space for us to learn, share, and grow. I am so grateful for Jenn and for Breathe Together.”

  • “I researched teacher trainings throughout the Bay Area and abroad, visiting studios and speaking with their owners and directors. Several things made Breathe Together and Jennifer Prugh stick out above the rest. Jennifer is a seasoned and skillful teacher, be it in therapeutic or dynamic, classical, or contemporary forms. She has a deep understanding of both the lineage and the business of yoga, coupled with a warm spirit and commitment to see her students realize their potential. The story of the studio’s inception, the beautiful space and welcoming community they’ve created made me want to be a part of it. Breathe Together draws many influential teachers, and offers a wealth of resources, making it an ideal place to start your path as an aspiring teacher and student of yoga at any level.”

  • “The JOY of Yoga Teacher Training with Jennifer Prugh is a yoga lover’s dream. Whether you have a desire to teach, or you are looking to deepen your own practice, this is a great way to start the journey of going deeper. Offerings include diverse information that focuses on the 8 limbs of yoga, so that you have a broader understanding of yoga beyond the asanas. Jennifer Prugh is a masterful teacher, with a compassionate heart, who sees greatness in others, and it’s a true pleasure to spend each day of the training learning from her vast wealth of knowledge.”

  • “I started The JOY of Yoga teacher training after going on a retreat with Jennifer. I did not intend to teach others, rather I saw it as a way to teach myself. I knew enough about Jennifer then to know that the training would be interesting and thought-provoking. What I didn’t know is that initial training would ignite a craving to learn as much as I could in order to inspire others and spark their desire to learn more about yoga. I recently completed the 200 Hour teacher training, and I am teaching. I feel it is my way to create a little more happiness in the world, and I think it’s working. I am curious and excited about what will come next as I pursue the 500 Hour training with Jennifer. I have a hunch this is just the beginning.”

  • “When I was looking to take my yoga practice to the next level, I decided to investigate yoga teacher trainings available at several different places in the bay area. I did my homework; I spoke with teachers I liked about their own training and got their recommendations. I narrowed the list and began contacting each program. I asked lots of questions about their approach, content, and philosophy. By then, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. I chose JOY of Yoga with Jennifer Prugh, and I could not be happier or more satisfied. It was the exact right blend of preparation and learning about the asanas and sequences needed to teach, but with the right emphasis and respect for the philosophy and history. Once you commit to work with Jennifer, she commits to you; she will make sure you have everything you need to be successful, whether that means teaching or some other path as well.”

  • “The JOY of Yoga teacher training is a wonderfully rigorous process that truly prepares you to teach yoga. It is not a rubber stamp on check boxes. The course is intense while flexible, allowing you to learn the broad subjects from history, anatomy, Sanskrit, yoga styles, and safe teaching practices that all to allow you to develop your own style. The teachers and students are all positive and want to help you grow. You’re never going to be ready for this process, so start now!”

  • “In the training you’ll certainly learn the basics of anatomy, yoga philosophy, the asanas, etc., but what I appreciated most was that rather than teaching a specific style that we should then turn around and emulate, or claiming that one approach is “better” than another, Jennifer continuously introduced various modalities, and then encouraged us to find, and pay attention to what spoke to us.. Prior to the teacher training, I’d only ever practiced Hatha and Iyengar. I was introduced to Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Gentle, Restorative, Fusion, Qi-Gong, Tai Chi, Yin, Shadow, Vinyasa, Power, Tapas, Meditation, Bhakti Flow, and Nidra. It was mind blowing. My body energized, my mind stretched. How very empowering to have the knowledge to help students find the best type of class for them as well as have the door opened for me to pursue my education around the styles that speak to me. Forever grateful for JOY’s 200 Teacher Training.”

  • “The JOY of Yoga 200 Hour teacher training program has enriched my personal practice and provided me with the foundation necessary to begin a career teaching yoga. The program is well-organized, providing trainees with an opportunity to learn not only the physical aspect of yoga, including the asanas and anatomy behind them, but also the philosophical aspect of yoga, or true intention of the practice. Trainees experience various types of classes from restorative classes such as yin, yin-yang, and gentle classes to more vigorous practices such as Ashtanga and vinyasa flow. Throughout the training, Jennifer provides practical tips for teaching yoga from sequencing to the day-to-day business-oriented issues teachers should be aware of. I’m very thankful for the JOY of Yoga teacher training program and would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about learning and/or sharing the practice of yoga with others.”

  • “Jennifer is the rare teacher who always knows exactly what her students need: whether it’s to slow down and take things more mindfully or it’s time to explore one’s edge. She has an uncanny ability to know more about her students than they might even know about themselves. Jennifer uses that knowledge to allow her students to become better yoga practitioners and, most importantly, better people. You can feel Jennifer’s dedication, love and compassion for everyone she interacts with the moment you walk into her studio, her class, the classes of those who have studied with her or when you are lucky enough to travel the globe with her.​”

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JOY Meditation and Awareness Practice (MAP)

Evidence-based research indicates that meditation lowers blood pressure, relieves depression, supports the immune system, increases productivity, promotes innovative thinking, among a whole host of other benefits.

No matter who we are or what our circumstances, meditation and embodied awareness practices are essential tools in cultivating presence of mind, body, and heart, such that we can live more joyful, mindful lives, and be of more meaningful benefit in the world.

Online Education – YogaAnytime

Season 1

In Season 1, Jennifer shares a series of progressive sequences, each building upon the last. Using the elements as our guide we begin with a foundational study of stability before moving into explorations of fluidity, wise use of vital energy, and experiments in balance and lightness of being.

Season 2

In Season 2, Jennifer shares a series of creative and progressive sequences to help grow your practice, and look at how to use the shapes that we are creating to evolve and transform ourselves from the inside out.