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For sixteen years, Jennifer has been leading journeys, adventures and retreats around the world. Her group adventures are dedicated to utilizing yoga and mind body practices to expand the lens through which we see ourselves and our world. Jennifer’s retreats provide a beautiful, dedicated space in which to slow down, care for and connect with ourselves and each other. Whether it is a retreat or an adventure, all of Jennifer’s journeys include a tangible way in which to contribute to the people of the region, as well as dedicated time for daily practice. No matter what country we visit, we open ourselves to the experience and return home changed. Jennifer’s journeys can be taken independently or as part of the JOY of Yoga 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification program.

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Ladakh, India
India 2018
Grand Canyon
Path of the Buddha
Dharmsala Teacher Training
India 2017
  • This retreat changed my life. We saw and experienced things I only thought possible in dreams. The friends I made will remain some of my closest allies for the rest of my days, and everyone working for Breathe was professional, yet constantly hilarious and interesting. I’d recommend anyone to go on this retreat, and I’d go again in a heartbeat.

  • I cannot speak enough to the depth of experience while on this pilgrimage to some of the most spiritual places in India that are seeded into the fabric of the history and philosophy of yoga. On the trip I was able to immerse in the experience without being concerned with logistical matters.

  • I found it much more fun to travel with people I knew and who share a common interest rather than a group I’d never met before. I will always hold the Breathe Together in North India trip close to my heart. Thank you so much for making this dream come true!

  • Do not hesitate for one minute to sign up for any Breathe together excursion. They are well worth it and will have a life long impact on your being.

  • Excellent in every way! The theme was threaded through the days and events, jennifer is a treasure! Outstanding teacher and leader.

  • This was my first retreat. This was a safe & wonderful experience. I was relaxed, well feel and cared for. I love breathe together yoga – this was just the best present to myself. Thank you all!

  • Amazing, wonderful and life changing experience!!!

  • Jennifer sharess her heart & soul and leads one by invitation to open themselves up and go wherever one needs to go. The staff with their beautiful smiles + warmth help create a safe and loving space for all to happen.

  • My intent in coming to this retreat was to decompress from a hectic life and to realign emotionally. I didn’t read the itinerary until one week before departing, as my goal for this trip was the setting and not the content . Yoga is not a strong point in my life at the moment and it didn’t matter because I went at my own pace and felt safe with Jennifers direction and wisdom. This week exceeded my expectations mentally , spiritually and physically and for this gift, I say, thank you.

  • An adventure to another country and culture providing a nurturing and safe environment. The personal work, wise words of wisdom from Jennifer and the lovely people that surrounded me allowed me to drop ego and beach such a wonderful place to spend time, in the beach and at oneworld retreats.