Jennifer runs life changing local, national and international yoga journeys, retreats and teacher trainings. Her group adventures are dedicated to expanding the way we practice, the way we view the world and our place within it. They also provide time and space to step out of a daily routine, go inward, as well as connect with people who often become friends for life. Trips often include a service component, a way in which to contribute to the people of the region.

Groups have traveled with Jennifer to Nepal, Peru, Hawaii’s Big Island and Maui, New Mexico, Italy, Bali, river rafting on the Grand Canyon, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malawi, Africa, Galapagos Islands, Mexico, Iceland, France, Tibet, and she regularly takes groups to India on either “Path of the Buddha” (to significant places on Buddha’s path) and retreats or to Dharamsala, the current home of the Dalai Lama.

These are the trips on the horizon. Consider this an invitation!